Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 26th - Last Day

First of all, I fell pretty important writing about the last day of our
awesome two weeks in the east coast. We had a pretty easy morning,
sleeping a little later and preparing to leave NY. We left NY at 11:30am and
we got in the road to Pensilvania.  During the trip we stopped to have
lunch, which it was our last lunch together. We arrived in Philadelphia. We
went to the liberty bell. And, Arnaud, Felipe and I went to the Congress
Hall and to the Independence Hall in our free time.  Which, the movie
Benjamin Gates and the National Treasure took place. Also, in the Congress
Hall we saw where the Declaration of Independence had been signed.  Then, we
went to the hotel, which we had our good bye party. In the party we had
pizza and we had our talent show. That was so much fun. Almost everybody
made something. Including Hugo drawing Kamila's face or the Asians dancing!
Also, Andin from indonesia dancing a traditional dance. Also, we had so much
fun with our presenting guys, including Hanna and Tom! Tonight, for the fist
time we don't have a curfew! We went to Denny's to eat ice cream at 11:30pm.

Everybody is already sad with the end of the trip. It's funny to think
that two weeks ago we were here in the same hotel so excited for see NY.
One of the hardest things when we meet people from all over the world in a
trip is that we never know when we will see them again. We enjoyed every
minute of this trip. I am sure that no one of us will never forget our
moments together!
Thank Kierstern, Betsey, Elli and Teresa for everything!!  You are awesome!

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