Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 13th - Message from August V. Katte

Hello Everybody!
    Today was a great first full day we all spent together. We left our Hotel in Philadelphia early in the morning at about 9 30 and loaded all our luggage in Bus and went off to the Philadelphia City Hall. In the City Hall we had a wonderful tour guide who took us around the very impressive and important building of Philadelphia. Philadelphia was found by William Penn, who originally came from England where his dad taught him, in Williams opinion, bad habits about religions.

    So William Penn founded Philadelphia in 1682 to serve as a port and provincial capital, with religious freedom. We also had the opportunity to get up to the top of the tower, where William Penn is on top of. It was great weather so we had a beatiful view out on the city. After that we went to the market place where we had a big choise of all different kinds of food and relaxing conversations outside of the market. Satisfied and ready to go, we went to the famous Art Museum. They had a great variety of different art from all over the world. And what the museum or the stairs in front of the museum are also famous for are the Rocky movies. Where Rocky Balboa runs up the stairs to get in shape for his boxing competitions.

    We spent about two hours at the museum which was plenty for all of us to get around in the museum. Many of us were hanging out on the stairs where you have a beautiful view on the buildings and the long avenues. Shortly after we were out of the museum we went back to the bus to move to the next city, Washington DC. Now we are really excited for the next day and are already fighting about the curfew. So long!
August v. Katte

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