Monday, June 18, 2012

June 15th - Washington DC

Hello everyone, today we had our third and last day in Washington D.C. Our day started with a delicious breakfast in the hotel. After that we went to the Capitol building. In there we took a very interesting tour in the halls of the building. Our touristic guide showed us statues that represent important personalities of each state. After that we went to the congress library, and had some free time to walk around and see some interesting things, like the Thomas Jefferson collection of books. Later on we had free time to walk around the city; most of us went to the museums. They were awesome and we actually had an adventure on the way there trying to figure out where to go. The Natural History Museum was wonderful.

    Our favorite parts were the exposition about the rescue of the Chilean Miners, we could see the machine that they used to save them, and also see letters of support that people sent to them. And to see the staff working with fossils in the middle of the museum! The next museum that we went was the Air and Space Museum, the first thing we noticed was the airplanes hanging on the ceiling. It was very interesting too. After that we met with the group and had dinner at Olive Garden. It was pretty nice to eat a great Italian meal and interact with the others exchange students and get to know them better, even though we are in the end of the fourth day of our trip we can really tell that the time is flying and it’s amazing to see how connected we are in such a little amount of time.
Felipe Madruga
Debora Dalla Costa

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