Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 22nd - Heading for New York City

Hello dear family and friends,

Friday, June 22th probably the day that everyone was waiting for it!! New York.
It was our first day in the gorgeous city of New York, starting with a roof morning that start for most of us at 5:00 am to go from Boston to our appointment in the United Nations. We left Boston at 6:00 am and I'm pretty sure most of us were sleepy and tired but after 5 hours driving and when we started to see the far away skyscraper from NY we started to get really excited and woke up and take pictures to every single thing that we saw.
Finally we were at the UN, with a humed and warm weather outside that didn't help too much waiting for get inside of the building. The tour in the United Nations was really interesting, we saw the places were every country meet to discuss issues around the world and make solutions to make the world work.
After that we went to get lunch the huge but beautiful metro station were we take pictures because most of the girl remembered some romantics comedies movies were filmed there, pretty excited for us uh?.
And then where the exciting part for us, FREE time for the rest of the evening to go for the streets of NY, some people went to 5th avenue, Time square, Central Park, see the outiside of broadway and for some of them take the subway for first time and of course shopping in all those originals stores that always dream about it.
The weather didn't look really good and was time to meet with our chaperones to eat dinner in the front of central park and just when the time come to go there a hard and really strong rain storm come to give us a free a shower!! Literally A shower... After that totally experience all we were tired and hungry, was almost funny the picture of us eating all wet in the market ready to go to the hotel and get some rest.
For sure was a excellent day for everyone and getting our dream realized to come to New York and be in one of the most famous cities in United States.
After the day went so fats we were in bed to be ready to next day visit the statue of liberty!
Valentina Vasquez (Chile)

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