Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 17th - Busch Gardens

Hey everyone!

    How was your day? I'm pretty sure that it was awesome. Because since in the morning we had late morning and we didn't have to wake up early. We didn't feel like we were running out of time, also we got to go to the Busch Gardens, which is a fun amusement park. We could ride roller coasters, skyride, and other games. We could also see the animals. They have some animals like eagles, hawk, owl, deer and wolves. In the Busch Gardens there are ten beautiful different gardens. And all of them were named from European countries, such as Germany, France, England, Ireland, Italy, and some other else.

    When we arrived there, we had a free time; which was the best part of it, because we didn't have to be controlled where to go or what to do from anyone. Then, we made small groups, and each of group was going to the different games. For our group, the first game was 'the escape from pompeii'. It was a game that we're riding a boat and we went into the building that has been decorated by the old fashion and kind of like an ancient building. Then at the end, there is a big water slide and all of us slide down into the water, and eventually we got wet on our first game. Then we went to other games, but we didn’t go to any roller coaster, because we are too scared. For us it’s too extremely scary game, and not for so long one of us was got hungry, and at that time we were in Italy garden, so we stopped at the restaurant, and we had lunch in there.

    Now we will tell you a little bit about the meals we had today. We had lunch at Busch Gardens. All of the foods in the park were a little expensive, but they actually tasted really good. As we told you earlier, the concepts they are using is Busch Gardens to name the sorts of areas in the park are the names of some countries in Europe and the meals they serve in each area are suiting to the concept. What we had was Italian food in the area of Italy and the quality was very high (We supposed!) For the dinner, we had fast food at Hatreds. We were getting a little tired of fast food, but guess what? WE ARE IN AMERICA. Once we get back to our countries (Indonesia and Japan), it is not that easy to get tired of fast food... Anyways, we would love to tell you that the meals are one of the most enjoyable parts of the trip.

    We have to say goodbye to our awesome driver, Paul in two days. He has taken us to a lot of places. sometimes he takes a while to get those places. I am sure he gets tired, but he is always nice to us. The other night, we got a few rules, we need to keep clean the bus; do not throw away any garbage, do not use restroom in a bus, do not shoot people by water gun HAHA. In these couple days, we have a lot of free times. The good thing is that we have been able to come back to each meeting places by the time. This is really important thing. That means we are doing well! However, we also have to pay attention when we get free time. Our three leaders, they trust us, that's why we must show them our attitudes because they give us great opportunities, so we thank leaders, bus driver, and all people who we meet. They have taken care of us every single time. We should not forget every helps, and we should not forget the most important thing, we have awesome time!!


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