Monday, June 25, 2012

June 21st - Last Day on Boston

We spend the last Thursday in Boston. We left the hotel at 8:30 to get a
dock tour in Boston downtown but the traffic in the big city of Boston made
us late! A little bit later we took the dock tour with Harley Davidson (his
real name; I promise) our guide! Our vehicle was a old truck/boat used
during World War II to carrying the troops. We did a tour of old Boston. We
saw a bunch of old buildings like churches surrounded by higher towers. We
saw also the "Boston Public Garden" with his famous George Washington statue
that it's the most popular picture of Boston. The park is surrounded by
towers that makes the view beautiful. The Boston Capitol is on the side of
the park and is the office of the governor of Massachusetts. We crossed the
Charles river and got in the water with our vehicle for a little tour on the
river and then we just came back to the Science Museum. Our guide was
fantastic during this tour!
Our bus drove us to a open market with a bunch of cafés and restaurants.
After lunch we had all the afternoon free. A lot people went shopping,
others went visiting the city. But me I went to Fenway Park with Elli.
Fenway Park is the mythic baseball stadium of the Boston Red Sox build in
early 1900. After that we came back to the market square and walked into
At 6:15 everybody met in front of the Hard Rock Café. We ate our dinner
there and listened some good music. Little story: a young girl from Boston
had her birthday that evening. So every student sang Happy Birthday in his
own language (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Thai, Mandarin,
Russian, Japanese, Danish, Lithuanian and Czech).
After this awesome birthday party we came back very tired to our hotel
outside Boston for a short night because we left Boston at 6 in the morning
to go to New York and other adventures.

Arnaud Laurent Christophe Henri Dubois (from Belgium)

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