Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 16th - Virginia Beach!

Hey friends and parents and people who love us! Happy birthday to Miguel! Saturday was a party day, our favorite boy from Mexico – starting with an M at least – had his birthday on this fine day and boy, what a day! Most of the day was spent in the bus driving from Washington to Virginia Beach. Due to traffic and a couple of shopping stops plus picking up another student, Kevin, from the airport, we didn’t get there until 6-7-ish at night.

    The beach was beautiful but a slightly bit cold and the waves were high. We unfortunately couldn’t swim because of those conditions so instead the night was spent with some more shopping, relaxation and hanging out. Later in the evening we all sat around by the beach and listened to a local band playing for us. Soon we all got up and started dancing like crazy. At first people around us were just watching but soon more people joined us in a circle of love and good vibes. Miguel got his birthday songs for the day and he even got to be held up in the air in celebration of his 19th birthday! When we had been dancing for a couple of songs it was time for late supper. The choice was between good old McDonalds and Subway. We’re all getting a little tired of fast food but it’s fast and easy when you have a big group like we do. Once more we got back to the bus where Miguel, once more, got celebrated with ice cream and a pretty pink “birthday girl” banner – he looked stunning! He also made a long speech and it was very emotional, we all cried as he told us how much he loves us. Miguel is the man and he told us that this was one of the best birthdays he has ever had. Next year we will all come and visit him in Mexico for his 20th birthday – hah, we wish!  It was a long day but another good one. The days are flying by in a fast pace but we’re all enjoying this trip as much as possible. We don’t get a lot of sleep but that’s what keeps us busy. 
Best wishes from the birthday boy Miguel (Mexico) and Siri (Denmark).

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