Monday, June 25, 2012

June 19th - Seaside Heights

    Today we went to the beach in Boltimal, we stayed there from 12 o'clock to 6 in the afternoon. It was a nice and sunny day. Almost everybody swimming, it was so much fun with a big wave and cold water. After we got money for our lunch, we all seperated into groups, to eat and do something else. Around the beach there were a lot of games, food, clothes store and a small amusment park. We got on the bus and went to do our laundry. We went there and put our clothes in the washing machine then went to the hotel and took a '5 minutes' shower, quick shower after went to the beach. Then we went back to finished our laundry, put our clothes in the dryer. Some people never went to the laundry  place and do they laundry there before,  it was a good experience. After that it was the time for dinner, we went to 'T.G.I. Friday'. It took a long time to wait for the food but it was delicious. These day was anther fun day for us. 

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