Monday, June 18, 2012

June 14th - Washington DC

    Today, sunshine, blue sky it was such a great day to start in Washington D.C. We went to white house so we had just a few minute to spend there it was too busy there. We had to took pictures really fast. That was the high light in Washington DC. Then we got on the bus again and drove to the church which was the white church and pretty big . A lots of mosaics, pretty architecture and beautiful drawing, also lots of variety for Christian such as American style, Vietnamese, etc. We had lunch there and sat in the cafeteria that full of pretty and colorful glass windows which illustrated the story of christ, God, the lat supper. Then we drove around Washington DC. We passed a lots of interesting places but we didn't have a chance to go. I was so sad about that. And then We went to the Declaration of independence, that one was so interesting. It was all about how to be United State like right now.

    Then we walked along the path with as much respect we could, the weather was sunny and so hot. After that we arrived back at the hotel, we got to choose those places near by to eat; some one went to Wendy's or McDonald or seafood, panda express, etc.Then we had free time until 10.30 pm. At 10.30pm in our very important meeting, Kiersten said, Tomm need to talk to us, he said about we had to clean the bus because we didn't clean the bus nicely by he drove us to Thomas Jefferson memorial; with a comfortable look in our pajamas, we took several picture. The weather was nice outside and we had a great bonding time with each other. Finally we got back almost 2am. So everyone were ready for bed. Nigh time!!!!  
Karn, Arpa and Fern
YE Thailand

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